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Winnipeg winter photography session tips.

Winnipeg winter photography can be a lot of fun in our city. Yes the winter’s can be cold in Winnipeg. However, it can be a lot of fun and unique to you when it’s planned accordingly. Here are some tips.


  1. Location – The location of your photo session is important and will play a huge role in a theme of your session during winter time. For outdoor photography sessions a park for winter wonderland theme or a Red River Trail at the Forks for Winnipeg’s local all time favourite.  The location will dictate how you as a couple will prepare accordingly for the shoot.
  2. Activity – Next select a favourite winter activity you both enjoy. This could be skating outdoor or at local ice rink, sledding or even ice fishing. Spending some time at your cabin can also be quite unique and very romantic. Pick something that is unique to you as a couple and represents both of you.
  3. Wardrobe – It can get cold real quick here in Winnipeg’s winter. I recommend wearing good warm boots. Keeping warm is one thing but sometimes there are instances where I would take to you to areas with deep snow such as park and/or forest. You don’t want your feet getting wet or cold. In addition, good mitts will keep you warm as well and add a nice touch to your photos. Also important are layers of clothing and good long coat or parka. As you move around  or quickly pop indoors you might get hot. It’s easier to take a layer off instead of being cold if not dressed appropriately. Finally, scarves, hats and blankets add a nice touch of pop and variety to your photos yet keeping you warm.
  4. Accessories – In addition to warm wardrobe you can also stay warm by bringing a some coffee, hot chocolate or even some hand warmers. If the location is right such as backyard or at the cottage we can set up a bonfire to stay warm and you cuddle for some intimate engagement photos.
  5. Colour – Adding some colour to your Winnipeg winter photography session can add a nice touch. Including props such as colourful balloons, mittens, signs such as letter or unique quotes, umbrellas, hats, coffee mugs and of course Winnipeg Jets jersey.


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February 23, 2017

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