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Winnipeg wedding planning – Hello from past bride

Blog posts “Hello from past bride” features a quick questionnaire from one of my past brides. These posts will feature some wedding info, tips and experience and hopefully help future bride’s to be during their wedding planning stages. Today I’m happy to feature wonderful bride Cindy.
1. How long did you have to plan your wedding?

I had 1 year and 7 months to plan my wedding, I got engaged in January and got married the following August.

2. What was the most important part of your wedding? 

The most important part for me was bringing my childhood vision to life, and of course marrying the love of my life!

3. What helped you plan your wedding the most? 

Family helped me the most. Me being very overwhelmed and had no idea where to start. I was lucky enough to have older siblings that helped me out.  I got a lot of great information from the wonderful wedding show as well. It was very overwhelming, I suggest grabbing as many pamphlets as possible and going through them when you get home. 

4. What were the first thing you booked? 

The very first thing I booked was my venue as they book up well in advance, the next thing I booked was the church. Then I booked my photographer and decorator. All of these things are very important to book as far in advance as possible, as they book up very quickly. If you want a specific Date or Venue you have to make sure it’s the first thing you do!

5. How many bridesmaids and groomsmen?

We had 4 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen. I wanted to have an even number for pictures, but I regret not having one of my good friends in my bridal party because of that. I think it’s more important to have the people close to you standing up for , then worrying if the numbers are even and how that would look in pictures. The majority of the photos you’re going to take are of you and your groom.

6. How many guests at your wedding? 

I had about 160-170 guests at my wedding, for me it was the perfect size!

7. What would you describe your wedding style as and how did you feel you achieved it?

My wedding style was elegant with some modern touches.  I had a vision of what I wanted long before getting engaged. I achieved exactly what I wanted by hiring a decorator for my wedding.

8. Would you have done anything differently looking back on your wedding planning experience? 

The one thing I would have done differently is having an extra bridesmaid, not worry about having even numbers.

9. Any additional advice for soon to be brides? 

My suggestion to future brides is not to stress all the little details, some of those details might seem like a big deal at the time but in the end everything will come together. One of the things I was upset about was not being able to have the church decorated. My decorator wasn’t able to go to the church because there was another wedding before mine. He didn’t have enough time in-between the other wedding and my wedding to decorate. On my wedding day that wasn’t important, what was important was marring my best friend. A co-worker of mine recently got married and her flower arrangements for the reception weren’t exactly what she wanted. The little details aren’t worth stressing about; enjoy your day as it flies by quickly! 

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