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Winnipeg Wedding Photography Prices

Winnipeg wedding photography prices can range from low, below $1,000 and high around $5,000 or more. When choosing a Winnipeg wedding photographer, price will always be a concern. Some might ask why so expensive, why such a difference between high and low? You will find many different options for photographers in this province. With out a doubt there is a lot of talent in Winnipeg and that’s a good thing. What you want to be careful about is hiring a photographer with little experience in shooting weddings because the prices are low.

When choosing your wedding photographer it may be tempting to hire a family member, friend, or someone who displays pretty images on their blog. Why should you choose an expensive wedding photographer over a cheaper one if they seem to offer the same thing? Obviously more expensive photographers have a lot of equipment, quite a few business expenses, insurance and even invest in professional learning. Here are key reasons that you might not think about and what you would be paying for.


There are certain skills that can only be acquired with experience. There are a lot of things happening on the wedding day. Weddings are fast paced and unpredictable, there is no reshoots. Throughout the day moments can be missed. Wedding photographers who covered ~40 weddings or more tend be at experienced level. Most likely they have seen it all and more importantly they are ready for anything when things don’t go as planned. Making a split decision and adjusting to unexpected conditions thrown your way is a skill that many photographers acquire with time. Having that much experience simply translates captured moments into art, beauty and imagination into reality.

Skill in light

There is a lot of skill involved in wedding photography. Documenting every moment throughout the day is not easy. The day begins indoor while bride gets ready, then outdoor, ceremony and dark churches. And to add the weather, rain or shine.  A skill in utilizing light throughout the day is crucial. More important being a master in low light conditions is key. It takes a lot of skill and practice. In addition, mastering artificial light using strobes and speedlights is another skill level that expensive photographers master. Some photographers claim to not use off-camera lighting. That’s fine but most likely they will have trouble photographing many elements of the day. Finally, when working with light, photographers have the knowledge of the process as well as vision of the eye and mind.


Ability to tell a story 

Experienced photographers have the ability to tell a story to best document a wedding day. From early morning until the night all moments are captured, nothing is missed. Then you end up with tons of photos. What now? Sure having few hundred of digital images of your wedding day is great. A good addition to your investment but those images don’t tell a complete story. There is no emotional connection viewing digital images. As you view them, there will be no consistency from one moment to the other. Viewing digital images is a different experience compared to viewing an album. Wedding album, that’s where the complete wedding story is told. Great photographers are able to capture moments and artistically craft an album to relive the best parts of the wedding day. Ability to tell the story as you flip each page. Album contains moments to remember, a family heirloom.


Quality of products

Wedding albums, prints and wall art are common amongst photographers. But quality of these products is not the same. Most expensive photographers produce excellent quality products such as durable luxury handmade albums. You might not notice the difference between one album to another. However these albums are handcrafted with attention to detail, durability as well as print quality that are second to none. Simply put these albums will last a lifetime. But albums like these come with a price tag and this is worked into top wedding package.


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