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Fall Engagement Photos Assiniboine Park

Fall engagement photos at Assiniboine Park turned out wonderful.

We were able to capture some beautiful fall engagement photos on this perfect November day. This was one of those rare days when everything comes together: perfect November day without snow, blue skies, cool temperature, no wind, amazing location and most importantly happy, wonderful couple! Susan and Ryan are truly amazing. Full of love!

We shot the entire engagement session at well known Assiniboine Park. This location is perfect for engagement sessions. There are so many neat locations within this park. You get the best foliage photos, wonderful views of conservatory, a pond, Leo Mol garden park and some awesome backgrounds. Plenty of things to incorporate in your shots. And most of all, when you get clients like Susan and Ryan who were both so relaxed and natural, seems like things cannot get any better. These two simply rocked it!

Hope you will enjoy this post because I LOVE it!

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