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Winnipeg Wedding Photos of Lorraine and Scott Married at St.Mary’s Cathedral

Winnipeg wedding of Lorraine and Scott was an exciting and beautiful with the ceremony at St. Mary’s cathedral. You couldn’t have asked for a better fall weather, it was hot with golden sun shining throughout the whole wedding day. It was just perfect! The wedding ceremony was held in Winnipeg’s downtown St.Mary’s cathedral. Scott with his boys was waiting in the sacristy but looked a bit nervous as he was looking out the window. Soon wedding ceremony was to begin and beautiful bride Lorraine was seen with her parents at the back of the church. The long aisle in the church was perfect for a procession towards Scott. It was a beautiful scene with tears of joy and emotion.

The formal wedding photos took place at Assiniboine Park flower garden including popular Leo Mol Sculpture Garden. The sun was still shining through the trees, a golden available light shined on the couple.

The reception was held at Victoria Inn, once again a great venue for weddings.

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