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Winnipeg wedding images post wedding day at Red River Exhibition

The Winnipeg wedding images after Kamilla’s and Derek’s big day at Red River Ex simply rocked!

Winnipeg wedding images after the big day are not typically requested by newlyweds. However, I highly encourage this session.  Post wedding photography session can supplement your wedding photography in Winnipeg.

The session is for wedding couples who want additional photos post their wedding day. We all know that wedding day tends to be quite fast paced.  This session is more relaxed and enables the couple to focus more on themselves and photography.

You will however have to get redressed again but in the end it’s well worth it. As a result you end up with creative, unique and epic images.

Kamilla and her husband Derek wanted additional photos at Winnipeg’s Red River Ex. This place was meaningful to both of them as they spend many summer days there. While we couldn’t visit the theme park on Saturday. The only day we could fit this session was on the last day of the ex.

It was bit of a chilly June evening but it was the last day for Winnipeg’s Red River Ex so we had to make this shoot happen. Derek and Kamilla walked through the grounds and got quite a few looks and congratulations. We ended up going on the Ferris wheel, Mary go round and had time for fun with cotton candy.

Check out these Winnipeg wedding images below.

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