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Urban Fashion Shoot Downtown Winnipeg Photo Session

I wanted to something different besides weddings, engagements and family for a long time. Fashion urban shoot was in my mind for a while yet it was a busy schedule during summer. I knew I had to allocate some time for this shoot and I made it happen.

For location, I wanted to photograph somewhere in downtown Winnipeg, something unique, dramatic and fashionable with a glamour look. Emily was kind enough to model for me in downtown Winnipeg. She was perfect in executing her pose in each location even though she said that this was her first time in front of camera. As a bonus she’s a hula hoop dancer so we wanted to grab some of those photos in the evening.

We started at Winnipeg’s Millenium Library grounds. The architecture of surrounding buildings grabbed my attention and wanted to utilize them for this urban fashion shoot. As the sun started to set we were loosing light quite fast. We moved to second location, close to Winnipeg’s Fairmont Hotel. The unique lights next to the hotel were just perfect and wanted to incorporate them in my portraits.

Finally, the evening really lit up with a big treat as we headed down by the river to shoot some hula hoop fire dancing. We lit up the hoop and dancing began. How cool is that! Emily was awesome at fire dancing.  Real neat that she was able to do that for us.

Emily, thanks for letting me grab some unique portraits of you. I hope we get a chance to work in near future. You’re hula hoop dancing was spectacular!

On to some photos….

Take a look at the Hula Hoop video below.

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