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Hello from a past Bride

Hello from past bride posts will features a quick questionnaire from one of my past brides. These posts will feature some wedding info, tips and experience and hopefully help future bride’s to be during their wedding planning stages. Today I’m happy to feature Jessica.

1. How long did you have to plan your wedding? 2 years!

2. What was the most important part of your wedding?  Being able to bring together our closest family and friends.

3. What helped you plan your wedding the most? I had a checklist app that I followed to make sure everything got done.

4. What were the first thing you booked? The reception venue which included the food and beverages. Followed by the photographer and the music.

5. How many bridesmaids and groomsmen? There were 6 on each side, way too many!

6. How many guests at your wedding? 85.

7. What would you describe your wedding style as and how did you feel you achieved it? We wanted to have a simple, romantic, and intimate event. We achieved this by having a personalized ceremony, a small guest list, and a first look photo session.

8. Would you have done anything differently looking back on your wedding planning experience? I would have stuck with my gut instincts on more decisions and not worry about the social pressure to conform. It’s important to listen to other people’s input, especially if they’re the ones paying, but ultimately it is about what you and your partner want. Some of the things we did differently, such as having a private sweetheart table instead of a head table at the reception, turned out to be our best decisions.

9. Any additional advice for soon to be brides? Relax and enjoy the day! There will always be something that doesn’t go according to plan, be able to laugh it off. Make the effort to spend time with your partner during the wedding. When planning try not to take stress out on your partner and make sure you’re both happy with the decisions you make. A wedding is just one day, the marriage is much longer!

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