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Here are some tips on how to choose a Winnipeg Wedding Photographer?


There are quite a few talented Winnipeg Wedding Photographers that can capture your wedding, the question is how do you go about choosing one? This can be a long and painful process but I am here to help and to make sure you make a wise decision. There are many questions to ask your photographer but I’ll go over some real important points you should think about, questions you can ask and that you should know;

1. How to pick a good wedding photographer when there are many listed in Winnipeg?

First, look for a blog or forum that appeals to your style. There are many different styles of photography these days and new styles emerge each year. You want to make sure you have a chance to discover all styles prior to selecting some candidates. Once you’ve got a few favourite photographers, narrow it down to few, and set up a consultation. Emails and phone calls are great but they just don’t compare to what can be accomplished during an in-person wedding photography consultation. Make sure you’re meeting with the person who will be photographing your wedding, not assistant or sales consultant. You have to, like, trust, communicate and get along with your photographer. Not only should you like their photos, you should also like them! This is very important. You’ll be spending many hours with them, usually most of your wedding day. Consultation will help you answer some of the questions that cannot be found on photographers web site. Photographer will help and guide you as you talk about your wedding day plans and go over products and services being offered.

2. Price, why so expensive? This is an important factor when deciding on a wedding photographer however your decision should not be just on price alone. Your images are the one keepsake from your wedding day that you will cherish forever and passed from generation to generation. There are many studies out there that have shown number one thing brides say they would have changed when looking back at their wedding is “I wished I spent more on my photography”. Yes wedding photography can be an expensive investment even in Winnipeg. When you look at it this way, the cost is really secondary in a long run. If you average your cost over 30, 40 or even 50 years the cost really is quite small and if photos aren’t a priority for you, that’s totally fine. But, if they are, treat them that way and make a wise investment. Many years down the road those precious memories captured on your wedding day will be priceless and worth every penny.

3. How many photos would I receive? There is no right or wrong answer here as it really depends on various factors and it varies from one photographer to another. A typical wedding day would yield few hundred photos to even a thousand. It all depends on the type of wedding, length of ceremony, travel time etc. The most important thing I believe is quality versus quantity. It’s better to have less photos but very good quality then many photos with decent quality. Look at it this way, viewing 1000 photos and quality of every photo starts to diminish after about 10 minutes; viewing 300 photos is much easier. Don’t look into the number of photos you will get but the quality, artistic eye to make sure your moments aren’t missed on your wedding day.

4. Second photographer? Two photographers are quite common these days and very important on your wedding day. You deserve the very best on your wedding day from the beginning of the wedding day until end of the night. It’s a long day and wedding coverage begins in the morning when bride and groom get ready in separate locations. Having two photographers enables to cover all the details of the morning as well as ceremony and formal coverages from different perspectives. In addition you formal photos with bride, groom and wedding party will be covered quicker and you’ll be less tired, hey you might even have time to go grab a quick drink at one of Winnipeg’s patios prior to your reception. All of my wedding collections come with two photographers to tell a complete wedding story.

5. Is photographer a full service studio? There are many photographers that provide photography service with digital images for your wedding day and you are left with images on a DVD/usb media post your wedding. To me that is incomplete service. A lot of times clients don’t know what to do with digital images on DVD/usb media post their wedding, where to get images printed, or if the images are processed accordingly for your print. The worst is when digital images are stuffed in a drawer and no where to be found in their home. I believe in a printed image, your images are a piece of art and are to be showcased on a wall. A full service studio provides an amazing level of art quality products for your home and photographic excellence. Your images are enhanced and customized based on your specific artwork for your home. Providing wall prints for your family home helps relive each day the moments of your wedding day.

6. Do I get a wedding album? Besides wall art, albums are most important tangible item of your wedding day. Albums have been around for a long time starting in film days. They are popular and some Winnipeg Wedding Photographers include wedding albums in their packages and some at additional cost. Now the question is what type of album are you  receiving? What’s the quality like? Does it fall apart after few years? The type of wedding album you receive can range across the board with different designs and materials. You can ask if you are  investing in a handmade wedding album. Handmade albums stand that test of time, built quality is superb especially the binding which is most important part of the album. You want the album to last for generations. From me you will receive a true art piece, a family heirloom to last many generations. Take a look here for my wedding albums.

There are additional points or questions that will come up during your consultation when meeting with your photographer. However, I’ve outline most important ones to remember and should give you a good starting point. One additional point, openly trust your wedding photographer to do a great job on your wedding day.

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