44 Billingham Row, West St.Paul, MB

Romantic Engagement Session Winnipeg Exchange District

Romantic Engagement Session with Eden and Chris was simply amazing.

I would like to share a lovely engagement that I had the great pleasure to shoot a few weeks ago! The session took place at Winnipeg’s exchange district. We met up on a beautiful evening for their soft, love-oozing, romantic engagement session. It was one of those evenings when the light was just setting in the most beautiful way. We started in west side exchange district close to Red River College and wandered around through back alleys and streets. Eden and Chris easily made each other laugh and chatted throughout the session. Often they were in their own world or sharing a private joke as I shot. Which suited me perfectly as I enjoyed catching a giggle from Eden and the twinkle in Chris’ eye when he looked at her. Their love and passion for each other were visible all the time. I had a great time with Eden and Chris during their romantic engagement session. Once again congratulations on your engagement and enjoy your photos.

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