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To relive YOUR moments

Every album is a story on its own, totally devoted to YOU.
Wedding album in three sizes
Wedding album photo

Every wedding has a story to tell, love, tears and real emotion captured in photographs. All these should be preserved for every new starting family. Album is a tangible piece of history, to savour, to cherish, to pick up, to smell, and feel the pages as they turn under your fingertips. I believe everyone should own a piece of art and this is why most of my clients will one of a kind hand crafted custom luxury album.

While this album will be all about you, it won’t be just for you. It’s also for your children, your grandchildren and everyone else who loves you and wants to remember one of the most exciting and important days of your life in vivid detail and beauty. It is a true heirloom of your wedding experience.

A true masterpiece

My wedding albums are carefully designed by me, using a traditional and timeless style, with an emphasis on telling the story of the day. I spend as much time, care and attention on the album design as I do on the actual photography. I usually create a first draft of the whole album, before then giving this to the bride and groom to look over and make any changes they would like. Once the layout has been agreed, I then send the design to production in Italy.

Every single album is hand-made, with particular care and attention paid to every little detail.  Luxury fashion pervades every detail turning the album into a real “masterpiece” to show and admire. Precious accessories, refined finishes and colours, are a tribute to Italian style that is appreciated worldwide. Continuous page thermal binding system, a special technique where every page is mounted for strength and durability that ensures everlasting beauty par excellence. Heat binding, a special assembly method carried out manually by inserting interleaving tissue paper between sheets that are put in oven. Result, sturdy and longer lasting page without warping, pleasant to touch and look at.

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