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Photography is art.  Art has its many forms originating from sculptures, paintings, black and white photos, colour photos, to todays’s digital photography.  What I love most about being a photographer is the ability to capture memories in a single photo that allow us to relive our emotions of joy, laughter and love that is spent with family and friends.  Just like many years ago great artists would take the time to feel every stroke of their brush to create the most beautiful painting as I will take the time to create the most beautiful portrait of the one you love.


derek bogdan family photo


Derek Bogdan photography is a professional photography studio providing my clients with a full and complete service.  That means every wedding and session includes the following;

  • personalized service that begins with a consultation to book, plan and style your wedding or session.
  • research your ideas, vision and style and tailor to your wedding to make sure that you get the most out of your experience.
  • spend countless hours to edit every one of your images.
  • in studio viewing and ordering session. I will help with selections and create beautiful art pieces for your home.
  • signature edits to your images for customized products to make sure they’re flawless.
  • customized exclusive products such as wall art, albums and prints available from pro labs.
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